All New Web Hosting Plans Introduced…

We have now introduced a whole range of new Web Hosting plans to the NZ Market, which start from just $NZD 1 per week +gst. These plans are hosted on our premium CPanel based servers. The included 3 levels of backups (daily, weekly, and monthly), where most other hosts only do 1 layer (just daily).Full details on these new CPanel Web Hosting plans can be viewed here.

These CPanel based web hosting plans use some of the most up-to date web technologies, such as Apache 2.4 , FastCGI (which replaces suPHP). Most of these new CPanel website hosting plans also now allow you to host more than one website within the same web hosting account. So you are now able to host multiple websites, starting form from $NZ 7 +gst per month. Yes that is New Zealand dollars, so there is no worrying about exchange rate fluctuations.

View Our CPanel Web Hosting Plans

We do still continue to provide our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan, which is hosted on a New Zealand based Web Hosting cluster, and is perfect for business users. You can view our Kiwi Web Hosting plan here.



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