Our Web Hosting Networks

Our hosting network utilises servers located in a Professional Datacentres in both New Zealand and the USA.

The networks utilises some of the most up to date server technologies available in the world. These servers are suitable for most types and sizes of websites, from database driven CMS and E-commerce websites, through to simple brochure websites.

New Zealand Based Datacentre

Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan

Our Kiwi Hosting Plan website are hosted at the Vocus Datacentre in Auckland , New Zealand. This is a modern air conditioned and secure data centre. There are multiple levels of security required to access the premises, and the servers are connected to a full UPS system with backup generators. Being based in New Zealand, means your website will load faster than hosting based in overseas datacentres.

Self Service Website Hosting System

The Hosting Control Panels put you in ‘total control’ of your website hosting in real time. The hosting control panel we use has been developed in NZ, and allows you to do the following using just your web browser:

  • Add Domain names with pre-defined DNS templates
  • Add statistics to your website
  • Add mailboxes and assign email addresses
  • Create auto-response email messages when on holiday
  • Restrict access to folders with passwords
  • Create FTP users
  • Add mySQL databases and manage via your Web Browser
  • Browse your folders and set permissions and ownership
  • Manage MX, A, and C Name records

Data Centre Service

  • 24/7 on-call Systems Engineers
  • 99.99% uptime network


  • Server network comprising of over 500 servers.
  • RAID Harddrives
  • Linux and Windows platforms available.
  • Peering via APE (Auckland Peering Exchange)
  • Multiple Gbit links to 3 x Tier 1 ISPs

Auckland Datacentre

Fault Tolerance

  • Multiple bandwidth and upstream providers.
  • Multiple servers ensure little if any service interruption in event of hardware failure. (Premium Linux Business Plans Only)
  • Up to 3 servers per service, i.e. web servers, file servers, mail servers etc. (Premium Linux Business Plans Only)

Data Centre Security & Data Back-up

  • 24 hour alarmed and monitored datacentre accessible only by proximity card.
  • Air conditioning keeps server room at consistent temperature.
  • Raised floor for individual cabinet airflow.
  • Fireproofing via Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) systems.
  • Concrete floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Multiple UPS power supplies, and auto-start diesel generator.
  • Multiple incoming power feeds
  • Daily file server back-ups.


USA Based Datacentre

Premium CPanel™ Based Hosting Plans

All of our Premium CPanel™ Based Hosting Plans, are hosted in a World-Class Datacentre in the USA. They are all hosted on premium grade hosting servers with RAID harddrives, and multiple levels of backups. This is a leading World-Class Datacentre, looked after by expert USA based cPanel™ server technicians, who have direct phisical access to the servers in the datacentre. This means that they do everything themselves – installs, monitoring, modifications, reboots. They have full control over the operations and only a fraction of web hosts can offer this peace of mind.

The USA based datacentre is named the ‘One Wilshire Datacentre’, which is located in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles datacentre facility, has multiple gigabit connections to upstream providers, to ensure solid network stability and capacity.

IP transit is from from 2 cisco 12008 GSR’s which are connected via multiple gigabit fiber uplinks to the distribution switches (2 cisco 2948G-L3’s). Each cabinet is prewired and connected to the main distribution cabinet so it’s plug and play. Each cabinet has it’s own switch, we prefer a layer 2 switch in each cabinet. All of the servers are hooked up to APC remote reboot ports in the event that they lockup for any reason.

The network has transit from Level 3 and ATT(Mzima), Savvis, and Global Crossing. That means that there are 4 Tier 1 bandwidth providers. This is a premium, exclusive network that gives all of our hosting clients on the USA network, a major advantage over other USA hosted servers, regardless of geographic regions. Very few hosting providers are able to provide this level of network connectivity and bandwidth providers.