Why our Premium Web Hosting is better…

We occasionally get asked the question…

What makes your Kiwi Web Hosting Plan different from other hosting out there?

The following information applies to our Kiwi Web Hosting plan, and not to our CPanel Web Hosting plans.

Well there many things, but they can all be summed up in terms of three of the most important considerations when it comes to hosting your website. These are ‘Reliability’, ‘Uptime’, and ‘Backup Protection’, that we provide on our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan.

Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan is of a business quality grade, and is perfect for NZ businesses. Thousands of business websites all over the country utilise this hosting cluster, and they enjoy a premium quality and reliable web hosting service, at an affordable price. Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan is also perfect for personal websites, and are compatible with most popular open source systems such as Silverstripe, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal plus loads more.

Backups and Web Hosting Infrastructure

Server backups have become a very topical issue recently, with a number of high profile hosting providers having their servers hacked, and resulting in them losing many of their clients websites, with significant downtime and inconvenience.

For a start, we provide Premium disk space and traffic on these plans. You can also choose between Linux or Windows web hosting servers for the same price. View more information.

Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan  is hosted on a server cluster where different services are split between different servers. Therefore should one service go down, such as an email server, other services such as your website will continue to operate whist the email service is being worked on. The diagram to the right, is a diagrammatic representation to how cluster web hosting works, and how your different hosting services are stored on multiple servers. We are only one of a few providers in NZ who provide this sort of cluster hosting.

NZ Cluster Hosting
Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan has daily backups. Although we do also require all our clients to maintain their own locally stored backups as per our terms of service, the server backups do provide additional protection, especially for hardware failure and hackers. Please note that the backups we provide are mainly for server restoration. A service fee does apply if you want us to manually restore a backup for you from our backups. In most cases we will give you an option of what backup you will want to be restored. Please note that accounts that over quota or suspended will not be included in the server backups.

Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan also comes with an integrated hosting and domain management control panel, putting you in total control of your web hosting and domain management 247. This is a NZ developed Hosting Management control panel. Many other providers provide cheaper control panels such as PLesk and Direct Admin, but we believe that our clients should be provided with the best control panels out there.

Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan is also updated with the latest security patches when they are available. Also the server software versions are upgraded on a regular basis. We have seen several web hosting providers that are running very old and out of date server software, which can leave the hosting servers susceptible to hacking.

Network, Datacentre, Reliability and Uptime…

Our Kiwi Web Hosting Plan is hosted in the Vocus Datacentre. This is a large Auckland Tier-3 data centre based on the North Shore of Auckland. This houses our cluster network which consists of more than 500 servers.

Read more about our Auckland Datacentre Network

Peace Of Mind

Hosting Express’s parent company has been around since 2001, which means we have been hosting websites for New Zealanders for over 12 years. This makes us one of New Zealand’s longest serving web hosting providers. We have seen many hosting providers come and go over the years. Many of those that have disappeared are ones who have catered for the lower end of the market, offering lower quality hosting and support, and selling hosting at unsustainably low prices. We decided to cater our Premium Grade hosting plans in the mid to higher range New Zealand market, which allows us to offer affordable and long term sustainable pricing, with a very high quality hosting product. This gives our clients the peace of mind. Read more about Hosting Express.

We also have written the article ‘The Facts About Web Hosting’, which discusses more of our advantages over other web hosting providers, and what to watch out for with other hosting providers out there. You can read this by clicking here…

Graphics and information relating to hosting specifications have been provided to us by our upstream providers.