NZ Web Hosting Reviews

As our parent company has been providing New Zealand Web Hosting services since 2001, we have manyvery  happy web hosting clients. Many of these NZ web hosting clients have been with us since we started, and many have provided us with positive NZ Web Hosting Reviews.

Positive NZ Web Hosting reviews / testimonials can often be hard to get, as it is human nature to write about negative experiences, rather than positive ones. Even the best companies in the world may get some negative reviews, as it is impossible to please every single person. When looking at reviews, it is best to look at trends and the ratio of positive reviews, compared to negative ones, as well as the quantity of them. As our own web hosting services are Premium Business Grade, and our web hosting has exceptionally high reliability and uptime, we have received very few complaints about our service over the years. As such, we believe our client satisfaction is up there with the best web hosting providers in both NZ, and the world. There are some hosting providers, mainly ones that cater to to bottom end of the web hosting market, that have a large quantity of very poor reviews, and these reviews can often be found scattered all over the internet.

Many Web Hosting Review websites charge web hosts to be listed and advertised on them. So these web hosting review website can’t be seen as proper review websites, but instead they are  paid web host directory. However they do give the appearance of a proper web hosting review website, and have a table ranking those web hosts. Usually the more web host pays, the higher up the ranking table the web host is ranked. Always read the fine print of such review websites to see if  they charge hosts to be listed. The proper web hosting review websites don’t charge web hosts to be listed, and are fully independent from any web host.

We have setup a NZ web hosting reviews page, which provides a selection of extracts of various web hosting reviews and testimonials, which we have received over the years. Our NZ Web Hosting Reviews / Testimonials page can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to include you own positive review on our NZ Web Hosting Reviews / Testimonials page, please contact us.

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